We aim to provide insights We get from survey results to Insights Decoded Participants for Insights Decoded Users/Clients. We understand that the main consideration Insights Decoded Users/Participants may have is regarding the security of their personal information, therefore We are committed to protecting Your personal data under this Policy and subject to applicable laws.

Our purpose in compiling this Privacy Policy is to inform You about how Insights Decoded collects, uses, and discloses Your Personal Data. By pressing the Login button on the Website, it means: (i) You have read and understood the Privacy Policy and You agree to bind Yourself to the applicable provisions provided in this Privacy Policy including all changes that can be updated from time to time on Our Website, (ii) You agree and consent to the collection, use, disclosure, and/or processing of Your Personal Data as set out in this Privacy Policy.

First, We only collect necessary personal information to provide the services You requested, to understand Your needs, and to serve You better.

We may, from time to time, share Your personal information with Insights Decoded’s Partner so that We can continue to provide the best offers, but We try to avoid sharing personal information as much as possible and limit data sharing in the aggregate only.



In this Privacy Policy, the term “Personal Data” refers to any data, true or false, about an individual who can be identified from such data, and such data and other information that We have or that We may have access to, including data in Our records that can be updated from time to time.



Personal Data that Insights Decoded may collect from You depends on the products, services, and promotions You used or registered. In general, Insights Decoded will collect Your Personal Data when You:

  1. Register to Our services and/or send a form related to Our products and services.
  2. Using some of Our services (for example visiting Our Website).
  3. Subscribe to notification or newsletter.
  4. Contact Us to ask a question or for assistance.
  5. Participate in competition(s), lucky draw(s), survey(s), or other similar events.

Personal Data collected may include information regarding:

  1. Identity: includes ID Card or Passport/Resident Permit Card (KITAS) photo, Your full name, email address, date of birth, phone number, photo, device ID, IP address, view phone calls for phone number verification, location access, external storage, and camera.
  2. Contact Us: includes Your chats with Us, emails You send, and other records of contacts You make to Us.
  3. Account: details related to Your Insights Decoded account.
  4. Use of Our services: includes the use of cookies to track information related to Your interaction on Our Website (for example time spent on Our Website, information(s) searched on Our Website, access time and date, and information related to clicks and shifting).
  5. Preference: includes details that You have shared with us, about how You wish to be contacted, and product(s) as Well as a brand(s) of Your choice.

In addition, Insights Decoded uses “sessions or cookies”, which are small data files that are sent to Your browser to store and track Your information when You visit Our Website. Sessions or cookies are used to track some of the information mentioned above related to the use of Our services.

Most internet browsers provide the option to disable sessions or cookies, but this could lead to loss of functionality, limit the use, and/or causing delays or affect Our Website.



Insights Decoded ensures that all Personal Data collected will be stored securely and has implemented strict security measures to secure and protect Your information. This includes:

  1. Using a secure, encrypted 256-bit SSL connection on all Our Website’s pages where You send Your Personal Data. 256- bit SSL encryption is the current industry standard and is expected to take at least trillions of years to crack.
  2. Ensures that Your Personal Data only stored on a server(s) with a sufficient level of protection, to prevent security breach.
  3. Restricting access to information(s) in Our systems.
  4. Implementing a strict verification process to prevent unauthorized access to Personal Data.
  5. Destroy Your personal information securely when the information is no longer required for Our business or legal processes.



Insights Decoded does not sell or trade Personal Data collected online to other third parties.

We can use Your Personal Data to:

  1. Manage the services We provide to You
    This includes includes the use of Your Personal Data to activate or deactivate services, provide additional products, services, and benefits to You (such as promotions, loyalty programs, or gift programs), and manage (together with Our selected partners) promotional events, contests, competitions, and corporate social responsibility projects.
  2. Improve the services We provide to You
    This includes the use of Your Personal Data to carry out market research, analysis, and surveys to understand Your preferences, develop new products and services, or adjust or improve the products and services We offer to You. Also includes the use of Your Personal Data to deliver relevant advertisements (such as related details involving products, services, special offers, and gifts from Us or Our selected partner), to Insights Decoded users/participats in general, or those We have identified may be interesting for You, to deliver a periodic newsletter to You with Your prior consent or which permitted by local laws and regulations, or to promote benefits and offering prizes and promotions that are appropriate to You.
  3. Insights Decoded User Services
    This includes the use of Your Personal Data to respond to requests and questions that You submit (or the person You give the authority), provide directory assistance, and provide updates related to Our products, services, or policies.
  4. Security and Compliance
    Will include the use of Your Personal Data to detect and prevent fraud and other crimes (for example by examining money laundering, terrorism financing, and related risks), conducting internal audits, or complying with laws, regulations, and other conditions (including assisting law enforcement, the judiciary, and other government agencies, responding to regulatory complaints, making relevant disclosures to regulatory agencies, conducting audit checks, due diligence and investigations, and taking any steps which Insights Decoded deems necessary in the event of a lawsuit or potential lawsuit). It will also include the use of Your Personal Data for security and risk management purposes, and to ensure the safety and security of Our property and systems. We will not use Your Personal Data for any purposes other than those We have informed You, or which have been permitted or required according to the provisions of local laws and regulations. We will only store Your Personal Data as long there is a related business or legal need.



We can disclose Your Personal Data to:

  1. Company(s) within the Insights Decoded group.
  2. Insights Decoded’s partner(s), Inisghts Decoded’s client(s), vendor(s), and Insights Decoded service provider(s) who cooperate with Us to provide the services You registered. Includes Insights Decoded’s Partner(s), payment service provider(s), third party service provider(s) involved in marketing promotions and services offered by Insights Decoded or its preferred Partner(s), and third-party service provider(s) who provide operational services to Insights Decoded (such as telecommunications, information technology, payments, printing, billing, payroll, processing, technical services, training, market research, call center, or other services to Insights Decoded). Also includes Our professional advisors such as auditor(s) and lawyer(s).
  3. In the event of a potential business asset transaction (such as merger, acquisition, or sale of assets), each Partner, investor, transferee, or transferor to facilitate the transaction.
  4. Regulatory bodies, policy-making boards or authorities, or relevant law enforcement agencies as required by applicable laws, rules, guidelines, and regulations, or schemes.

Personal Data disclosed to the parties listed above only for relevant purposes (as set out in this Policy) or to protect the interest of Insights Decoded users/participants.

In exceptional circumstances, Insights Decoded may also be asked to disclose Your Personal Data, where there is any good reason to believe that the information disclosure is necessary to prevent a threat to life or health, or for law enforcement purposes.

In some cases, We encrypt, keep confidential, and aggregate information before sharing it. Withdrawal means deleting certain pieces of information that could be used to identify a person. Aggregation means presenting information in groups or a segmented manner, for example, age groups.

We will also ensure that overseas organizations We work with comply with these strict privacy and data protection obligations.



When You register as a user on Insights Decoded, We will also use the Personal Data You provide to send promotional emails from time to time, to update information on offers, gifts, promotions, products or services from Insights Decoded or Our selected partners. You can unsubscribe from Our promotional email at any time through the unsubscribe function provided in the promotional email.



You can update Your personal information at any time by accessing Your account through Insights Decoded Website. If there is any of Your Personal Data that You want to correct, but You unable to correct it through the Our Website, You can contact Us at info@insightsdecoded.com and We will help You as much as possible.

After a request for withdrawal of consent to the use of data, Insights Decoded may ask for data confirmation related to the request and after that We will send an email notification regarding the withdrawal of consent to the use of Your Personal Data. Withdrawal of consent will result in Your account no longer active.



If You wish to access Your Personal Data that We have, ask any questions about how Your Personal Data has been or may have been used for disclosed by Insights Decoded in the past one year, or wish to withdraw Your consent to the use of such Personal Data by Us, You can contact Us at info@insightsdecoded.com. We will try to be able to fulfill Your request as best as possible.

Insights Decoded only provides the opportunity to users if the user wants to delete Your account. And We will send information regarding Your account deactivation at Your request.

Please note that We may charge an administrative fee in a reasonable amount to retrieve Your Personal Data information. And if You withdraw Your consent to the use and/or disclosure of Your Personal Data, depending on the nature of Your objections, We may not be able to continue providing Our products or services to You or carry out any contractual obligations that We have with You. Our legal rights and waiver of responsibility will be stated in writing in such cases.



Insights Decoded reserves the right to modify and update this Privacy Policy at any time, to ensure it is consistent with the industry trends and/or changes in applicable legal or regulatory requirements. In accordance with Your legal rights, You agree to bind Yourself to the applicable provisions in this Privacy Policy which can be updated from time to time on Our
Website. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be published on Our Website.