We can conduct a CLT, personal interviews, phone surveys, ethnographic studies, and secret shopper studies. But we specialize in delivering insights at speed via 3 key insights generating methodologies

We provide

Digital Surveys to our database of 55,000+ Indonesian consumers

Quick turnaround to provide answers to burning questions you may have

Online Consumer panels

Online consumer panels can be run on 24 hour notice, with instant insights reported back

Physical Consumer Panels

When a MCO is not in place, we conduct consumer panels in 9 different cities across the 5 islands

Our three methodologies allow us to provide insights at speed to clients, regardless of the question being asked, the format of the stimulus (packaging, brand template, TVC, OOH Key Image, etc.), or the target audience. With 48-hour turnaround between brief and final report being issued, no one can complete with our ability to quickly generate the consumer insights required to grow your business.

  • Appropriate for target

  • Appropriate for geographical differences

  • Appropriate for religious/cultural differences

We recruit only the most articulate Indonesian consumers, ensuring a proper sense-check amongst your target audience.  We capture and report the insights to bolster confidence in your decision-making, and de-risk marketing and research spend.