Methodology Selection

Sometimes a client will have a specific traditional research need, such as a Central Location Test (CLT) or a quantitative phone survey or ethnographic research of how someone uses a prototype product.  But usually the research need is more common – “What will consumers think of this new product/back/billboard/TVC/brand messaging”.  We don’t have a one-size fits all solution, because questions and consumers aren’t one-size fits all.  We’ve found that a mixture of qualitative and quantitative research, delivered at speed, is usually the best approach.  Based on your target audience, budget and project plan, we will recommend an approach that we believe best suits your needs.

Online Surveys

We have a database of over 50,000 consumers that we use for quantitative surveys.  Surveys are appropriate to verify qualitative research findings, conduct A/B testing, get immediate feedback to a product launch (own or competitor), or for longitudinal tracking of brand health or brand awareness (repeated surveys every month for tracking key brand variables).

Online Consumer Panels

We can conduct online consumer panels with 24-hour notice, with reporting back the next day.  Online panels are moderated by our staff ethnographers to ensure depth of conversation and actionable insights being generated.

Physical Consumer Panels

We don’t believe in 1950’s focus groups in sterile rooms with 2-way mirrors.  We believe in facilitated dinner conversations.  We believe getting educated, insightful Indonesians to evaluate your marketing mix is the best way to de-risk your marketing spend and ensure your brand messaging is appropriate for your target audience